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Saturday, 12 September 2015

Top 10 Avengers Age of Ultron moments!

Hey everyone! As the movie Avengers age of ultron comes out on dvd on Monday (14th September) I thought that I'd share with you some of my favourite moments/scenes from the movie! Obviously I love it all (apart from the romance scenes between Bruce and Natasha since I ship romanogers). It
was hard to pick 10 but here are some of my favourites!
1. The hammer thing!
I love these scenes where they all try to pick up the hammer as well as the scene where vision picks it up and when Steve, Tony and Thor are discussing about putting it in the lift!

2. 'You didn't see that coming'?
Ahh the first time we all discovered Pietro's lovely accent! this is an on going thing between Barton and Pietro and I love it ha!
3. Hulk-buster scene!
I love the whole scene from the go to sleep punches and the quote 'that little witch is messing with your mind'! It's all just a comical fight scene for Stark and he probably enjoyed it all.
4. 'language'
Yet another little repetitive comment throughout the movie but from Steve Rogers, a smart and sensible man who says the wrong words! Oh I do love Steve bless him!
5. Romanogers vs ultron fight scene!
Black widow and captain America I wish and as they team up in this scene I just love the flirting and everything really!
6. Wanda and Pietro scenes!
I love the twins so much and any scenes with them both is super cute!
7. Don't take from my pile!
I mean when you look at the size in pile difference I doubt he would even think about stealing from his pile as there is no point! But oh well!

8. First fight scene!
this is an opening and a half and I quite like the fact that they go straight into it at the start even though they never explain how avengers was set up or how everyone was together but it starts with a bang.
9. End scene!
I love this end scene and how Tony and Steve are getting along which makes me sad because of civil war. I also love where Steve shows that he's there for Natasha and how everyone is a team even civil war is coming!
10. The last battle
I love this battle as it shows everyone working together to do the right thing by saving the world and it's just an incredible battle sequence showing that the avengers are just so powerful that even robots can't bring them down!
I hope you enjoyed this little journey through some great Age of Ultron scenes!
Thank you for reading and don't forget to go and get the dvd on Monday 14th September and enjoy it.
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  1. OMG, I just found your blog and I'm in love!! I'm completely obsessed with marvel and the avengers and have yet to find someone who shares this with me!! I love this post, great job xx