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Saturday, 26 September 2015

Introducing my soldier and god!

 Hey everyone! I just thought that I would dedicate this blog post to my amazing guinea pigs Loki and Bucky who you may see featured on this blog quite a big. They're only little but play a big special part in my life! I have now owned these for 11 months as I got them on October 17th or 16th (I think) when they were 3 months old and now they're 1 year and 2 months old. I took these pictures in the summer while I was on holiday because it was super cute and super sunny and  thought that these pictures were quite nice to show you!

He is the black one and is a texel breed of guinea pig. He is named after marvel villain Loki as he has black fur and I just loved the name. He is quite cheeky as every time I go outside he weeps (expecting food). He has quite tatty and corse fur which means he has to be groomed quite often. When I bring them in for a cuddle, all Loki wants to do is sleep! He would honestly lay there for hours! He loves to eat grapes and every morning when I open the hutch to let them out, I give them one and he is always first to snatch it!

Bucky is a silver agouti guinea pig with a few small white patches and soft, long fur. It may not look long but near his bum, we have to trim it where it goes long. Unlike Loki, he is more wild and enjoys the outdoors which I suppose is a good thing as my guinea pigs have free roam of my garden. Bucky is named after Bucky Barnes/The Winter Soldier as he is silver and Bucky the character has a metal arm when he is the winter soldier! He isn't so fond of cuddles (especially when you split him from Loki). He does lick me but is a fidget when they have movie time with me at the weekends.



I hope you liked this little post introducing my guinea pigs as I'm probably going to do some posts about hutch decorations and DIY or even if I just have a little update for you with some pictures! Thanks for reading!

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